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The Cheese Bus concept was the idea of two high school friends in their senior year.

In the fall of 2020, Silas Farrell and Cale Sutterby began attending the New Visions Honor Academy studying business and leadership.  Little did they know that starting in the spring of 2021 they would be launching a business of their own with the help of their New Visions networking.  A guest speaker told the class if they ever needed help with anything that he was just a phone call away.  They made the call.


A few weeks later Cale and Silas began formulating “The Cheese Bus” idea and reached out for some help.  After many phone calls and conversations, the two young entrepreneurs begin what would become known as “The Cheese Bus": selling Charcuterie boards & bringing the best local cheese to the Finger Lakes of New York.

They eventually revamped the bus to serve hot foods too.

Cale and Silas have since moved on from daily bus operations, while pursuing other ventures and our still part of the Cheese Bus ownership group.

Bright futures for both.

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